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New article: Generating HTML output from a SQL query
Published date: Monday, October 29, 2018
On: Moer and Éric Moreau's web site

I just published a short article on my blog.

I have been generating various HTML outputs resulting from SQL queries for a long time now. Very often, that output was added to the content of an email body. I have always been using the application layer (either in VB or C#) to HMTLize the data I was querying from the database.

Lately, I found a very easy way to get the HTML result straight from the database server.

Purist DBAs will argue that the server should only return raw data and not do all the formatting. I am with them most of the time but there always an exception!

Read it from https://www.emoreau.com/Entries/Articles/2018/10/Generating-HTML-output-from-a-SQL-query.aspx.

Figure 1: The resulting HTMLize output in a web browser

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