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New Article: Watermark in Windows Forms
Published date: Sunday, November 26, 2017
On: Moer and Éric Moreau's web site

I really hate when HTML forms shows the label into the edit controls without any labels. It is frustrating when you have tools that automatically fill controls but once filled you don’t know if the right information has been set to the correct control. Without a label, you don’t know if the first name field is filled correctly!

But after this rant, this feature of showing a watermark is very useful to display additional information like the format or a mandatory indicator or … Lately, I found out that it was easy to add that kind of watermark to some Windows Forms controls. This article shows how to add watermark to Textbox and Combobox controls.

Figure 1: The demo application in action

This article can be read from http://emoreau.com/Entries/Articles/2017/11/Watermark-in-Windows-Forms.aspx

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